Public health departments provide crucial services in establishing and protecting the health of every person.  Our customers have produced metrics revealing that their services directly touch more than 90% of the population of their service areas.  Such a broad impact means that the public health department must have powerful, reliable technology at its disposal.  

Mitchell & McCormick customers rely on their systems to identify clients, document their care, bill for services, report on trends and outcomes, pay staff and vendors, monitor compliance with grantor requirements, and report on financial results, along with a host of other functions.

New Customers

The typical new customer of Mitchell & McCormick is looking for a more complete, more integrated, easier-to-use solution to their EHR problems.  They are looking for a single, purpose-built system that supports all of their programs in a single electronic health record.  Public health departments are frequently victims of point solutions delivered around funding sources rather than through a deliberate, enterprise data management approach.  Mitchell & McCormick delivers just that, using standards-based software and implementation of healthcare industry standards like CPT-4, ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, C-CDA, Direct Messaging, NCPDP, and Rx-Norm among others.  Packaged in a customer-hosted or software as a service (SaaS) solution, Mitchell & McCormick customers experience a team-oriented, success-driven implementation.

Some of our Current Customers:

East Metro Health District - Serving a population of more than 1 million, the district has been using our technology for over 30 years.

Baltimore County Health Department - Serving a large urban population, the Department provides a complex array of direct care and case management.  Visual HealthNet provides the information backbone of the service delivery network.

Westchester County Health Department - A customer for more than 14 years, Westchester County recently completed an upgrade that included integrating its third-party LIMS with our public health EHR.

Grand Traverse County Health Department - GTCHD is a long-time customer.  The department is in the midst of implementing our EHR in new care settings.  

New or long-time customer, Mitchell & McCormick serves them with integrity, professionalism, proven methodologies, leading edge  technology, and a commitment to getting it right.